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Innovation & Creation, Symbiosis & Win-Win | EVE’s 2020 Supplier Annual Conference was held!

Dec 10,2019

On December 10th, EVE’s?2020 Supplier Annual Conference with the theme of “Innovation?& Creation, Symbiosis &?Win-Win” was held in Huizhou, Guangdong.?EVE’s?President Liu Jianhua attended the conference with senior management team, together?with more than 300 suppliers from all over the country to discuss the development and improvement of the supply chain and EVE’s?development achievements in 2019.



Innovation &?creation|?Supply chain management system upgrade

At the conference, EVE’s?executives first made thematic reports in terms of technology, products, markets, quality, safety and environmental protection, strategic supply chains, etc., and then made in-depth discussions based on financial risks, proper management, supply chain requirements, and overall operating strategies. The sharing of the reports?enables suppliers to have a more comprehensive understanding of EVE in market share, high-quality development, technological innovation, supply chain positioning and construction, etc. Furthermore, EVE's business philosophy, development strategy, and supplier development were interpreted in details.




2019 is the 10th?anniversary of EVE's listing and?is also?a year of sweating with the majority of suppliers. In the face of market opportunities and challenges, EVE has achieved remarkable results.?According to the "Full Report of the Third Quarter of 2019" published by EVE, total operating income was 4.577 billion Yuan, a?year-on-year increase of 52.12%, and net profit was 1.159 billion Yuan, a?year-on-year increase of 205.94%.

Looking forward to 2020, consolidated corporate connotation is the foundation of rapid growth, and supply chain management is one of the core values and core competitiveness of the company. In cooperation with various suppliers in 2020, EVE will follow the high-quality development strategy, cooperate?with the best suppliers, and establish?win-win partnership?with suppliers. With regard to the landing of the strategic material supply chain of core materials, it is necessary to build comparative advantages in technology, quality and cost to achieve the strategic goals of EVE.

Seeking common development and forming a good supplier ecological environment

With the rapid development of the IoT and Energy Internet, EVE continues to expand its market share in the fierce competition thanks to?the support from all supplier partners.

In order to thank the suppliers for their support and trust, EVE selected 6?awards?including Strategic Cooperation Supplier, Golden?Supplier, Excellent Supplier, Joint Innovation Award, Excellent Quality Award and Best Collaboration Award?covering a total of 49 suppliers. The award ceremony was an expression of EVE's satisfaction and affirmation on the excellent suppliers in terms of their supply quality and service.




Cooperation leads to develop and win-win is the common goal. A majority of?suppliers have expressed their belief that EVE will grow stronger and they will continue to trust and support EVE.

Symbiosis?&?Win-win, a new journey of high-quality development

At the meeting, President Liu Jianhua shared that EVE has achieved brilliant results in technological innovation, sales innovation, and management innovation in 2019. In 2020, EVE will focus on new technologies, new products, new markets, promote new growth, and set foot on a 10 billion platform. In order to achieve the 2020 strategic goal, EVE will continue to deepen lean operations, refined management, and improve survivability.


At the conference dinner, Dr. Liu Jincheng, Chairman of EVE, shared that in order to realize the vision of “to be?the most creative lithium battery leading company”, EVE will continue to increase R&D investment and build a thousand-person research institute in 2020.


The lithium battery industry shoulders the heavy responsibility of promoting the development of the IoT?and the Energy Internet, and at the same time represents the future of the automotive industry. EVE and the majority of suppliers will strictly control the quality of products, always adhere to technological innovation, achieve true quality integration of the upstream and downstream industry chain, and jointly create the "Intelligent Manufacturing in China”.

Looking forward to the future, EVE will explore the market with all suppliers and partners to achieve a win-win situation?and join hands in a new journey of high-quality development?to further promote the rapid development of 5G IoT and Energy Internet!

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