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EVE won Top Ten Listed Companies of the Year! A new high point for high-quality development!

Dec 18,2019

Abstract: On December 16-18, the "2019 GGLB & Electric Vehicle?Annual Conference" was kicked off in Shenzhen. On December 18th, Chen Xiang, deputy general manager of?EVE’s?Marketing Center?attended the conference and delivered a speech on "Application of power batteries in electric ships" and participated in a round-table dialogue. At the awards evening party, EVE won the "2019 Top 10 Listed Companies of the Year ".

From December 16th?to 18th, the "2019 GGLB & Electric Vehicle Annual Conference" hosted by GGLB,?GGEV, and GGII?was held?at the Hyatt Regency?Shenzhen Airport. The theme of this conference is "the darkest moment and great future of global electrification". More than 800?enterprise senior management from more than 500?upstream and downstream companies?of lithium battery industry chain?gathered together to discuss the current state of development of the power battery industry chain, technological innovation and iteration.





At?the new application of lithium battery session?on December 18, Mr. Chen delivered a speech on "Application of Power Battery in Electric Ships", focusing on 3 major aspects: the ship’s driving force, the application of power batteries in ships, EVE’s?ship power battery?and project cases.

Mr. Chen shared that the application of power batteries in the marine industry is developing very fast, and EVE is much honored to be earlier?to enter this market in the past two years and has accumulated a lot of practical experience.

At present, the application of power batteries in the field of ships is advancing in three directions. One is pure electric ships?which are suitable for short-distance transportation like sightseeing ships?in?inland rivers and lakes. Another application scenario is the connection between the river and the coast.

The second is the hybrid application of fuel cell + lithium battery?which mainly solves the problem of future ocean shipping vessels. Because of the long mileage and the relatively low economical cost of pure electric power, a hybrid power solution of fuel cell + lithium battery is?needed?for long distance.

The third is the hybrid application of oil/gas + power battery?which mainly solves the water pollution in the offshore area. It is pure electric in the offshore?areas while?driven by the internal combustion engine in the ocean and the high seas.

Mr. Chen pointed out that,?as the earlier?lithium battery manufacturer entering the ship?building industry, EVE has advantages in ship?power batteries, including intelligent manufacturing, CCS & TUV certificate?for?the?full range of ship power?batteries,?customized services, whole industry chain of power batteries,??large?number of real ships application cases?and worry-free battery recycling.

Based on the in-depth cultivation and accumulation in the field of electric ship industry, EVE has delivered power battery systems for more than 200 electric ships?from 2018 to 2019, which are all in safe?operation?and bring?obvious benefit.

On April 28, 2018, the "East Lake" new energy antique ship that Premier?Modi met during their meeting in Wuhan's East Lake was powered?by EVE.


EVE?focuses?on promoting the formulation of standardization for the entire electric ship industry?through the in-depth strategic cooperation with the upstream and downstream of the ship industry chain. Recently, EVE has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CSSC Power Research Institute?that both parties will use their industry experience and resource advantages to carry out strategic cooperation in new energy power systems to jointly promote the development of new energy power systems for ships and supporting applications of lithium batteries.


At?the roundtable dialogue, Mr. Chen and leaders and experts of power battery discussed the needs of emerging application markets, the profit schedule of the?cascade utilization?and recycling markets?and the choice and abandonment of power batteries.

Top Ten Listed Companies of the Year

At the awards evening party, EVE won the "2019 Top 10 Listed Companies of the Year". It symbolizes the reputation and appeal of EVE’s products and technologies in the market, and represents the "high-quality development" of China's rapid development of the lithium power industry.



Copyright notice: The above pictures are from the 2019 GGLB?& Electric Vehicle Annual Conference.

The high-quality development of EVE is based on long-term accumulation on technology and market. As early as November, EVE was awarded?as?"2019 best-performance?listed company in the lithium battery industry chain?of the year"?by QD-DCW.?



2019 is a challenging year for the lithium battery industry chain, and it is also the 10th?anniversary?of the listed of EVE. EVE drives high-quality development with technological innovation and has achieved?brilliant results.?According to the "Full Report of the Third Quarter of 2019" released by?EVE, total operating revenue was 4.577 billion?RMB, a?year-on-year?increase of 52.12%, and net profit was 1.159 billion?RMB, a?year-on-year?increase of 205.94%.

Each honor represents the recognition of the industry, is accumulation of experience, and a driving force for progress.?In the future,?EVE?will continue to uphold the spirit of craftsmen, make due contributions to solving human transportation energy problems?and take a new high point of high-quality development.

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