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Fight against the COVID-19, EVE has been in action!

Feb 01,2020

Novel coronavirus?epidemic prevention and control is imminent.?On January 31, EVE overcame difficulties and once again raised a batch of N95 masks and 120,000 medical masks?and?donated to hospitals in Jingmen and Huizhou to assist in epidemic prevention and control.

Earlier, EVE has donated 500,000RMB and 10,000 medical masks to hospital in Jingmen High-tech Zone to provide support for the epidemic prevention and control.

In the fight against the epidemic,?EVE?has been in action!?On January 26, Yiding’s?new energy charging vehicle provided power guarantee for the test and normal operation of 5G base stations?of Huoshenshan?Hospital?in Wuhan.

And facing?the epidemic situation, EVE?immediately formed a?leading group for epidemic prevention and control, formulated the prevention and control work plan, established a staff-department-company 3-level prevention and control system and carried out the knowledge publicity of epidemic prevention and control.?Through "EVE?Life" app, EVE got?the latest holiday?itinerary and health status of every employee?in the first time to prepare for the resumption of work.

EVE will always do its best to help others!

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