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Outstanding Product, Spirit of Craftsman—— Ceremony for Start of Operation of Hubei Jinquan Zone II and Launch of Construction of Zone III

Jun 28,2017

In the morning of June 28, 2017, Hubei Jinquan, as fervent as today’s sunshine, warmly welcome friends come from far and near. Including leaders of the municipal government and the district government, our important clients and suppliers, media friends, leaders of EVE Energy and its wholly-owned subsidiary. There are over 200 people gathered together to witness a new milestone of EVE Energy, start of operation of Hubei Jinquan Zone II and launch of construction of Zone III.?



EVE Energy started to build cylindrical battery project Phase II in Hubei Jinquan Zone II on October 28, 2016. After 8 months, it is going to be put into operation. The total investment in Phase II reached RMB 2 billion. Now, it is the highly automated cylindrical lithium-ion power battery production line in China and also 21700 production put into production in China. It’s predicted that by the third quarter of 2017, the productivity will reach 3.5GWh cylindrical battery.?



Mr. Zhou Junjie, Chief of Duodao District presided over the ceremony.

First, Dr. He Wei, Chief Technology Officer of Cylindrical Battery Department of EVE Energy introduced “the new product, 21700”. Dr. He took application of Tesla 21700 as an example, mainly introduced the product characteristics and advantages, and further expected application of 21700 in the field of new energy automobile in future. Though application of 21700 in new energy automobile is still at the verification stage, EVE Energy is willing to be the "crab eating" battery company in China.

Cylindrical Battery 21700

Then, Dr. Liu Jincheng, Chairman and CEO of EVE Energy gave a speech.

“It took only 8 months to build Zone II. We cannot make it without the great support of the municipal government, the district government, the construction unit, the equipment suppliers, the decoration company and all our colleagues involved in, and also the concern and support of every guest present here today to the development of our lithium energy business. Now, I’d like to express our cordialthanks and gratitude.

So far, EVE Energy has built 7 highly-automated and informationalized cylindrical battery production lines. The productivity reached 3.5GWh. The total productivity of power energy storage battery reached 6.8GWh. By the end of July 2017, our 1GWh automated production line of ternary layered battery in Huizhou Zhongkai Zone B will be put into operation.

By the end of 2017, EVE Energy’s productivity will reach 9GWh. Our construction efficiency and productivity will overtake the industry, which makes us a competitive force in the field of energy storage battery.”

Factory in Hubei Jinquan Zone I

Factory in Hubei Jinquan Zone II


Inner part of the factory

Dr. Liu also stressed, “Power battery is the core part of new energy automobile concerning safety and life. “Outstanding product and spirit of craftsman” is the major driving force for sound progress of the new energy automobile industry. EVE Energy adopts advanced management method and intelligent equipment and promotes “TPM and six sigma” management and carries out “technician system” and “field executive system” continuously. We strive to make all employees use the "goodness" and "responsibility" from the heart to create high-quality, low-cost, cost-effective power storage battery productsts. Let’s join hands to commit to producingthe best lithium battery and developing into a leading company in this industry.”


After that, Mr. Li Tao, Deputy Mayor of Jingmen gave a speech. He congratulated the start of operation of Jinquan Zone II and launch of construction of Zone III, and mainly introduced the development route and planning of Jingmen City in recent years. He said, “Construction of new energy industrialization bases is one of the strategic targets of Jingmen City, namely ‘Four Bases and Three Towns’. Hubei Jinquan is a core enterprise in this cause. Start of operation of Zone II and launch of construction of Zone III show the deepening and broadening of EVE Energy’s collaboration with the government of Jingmen City. It will definitely promote fast and sound development of the new energy industry.” He also stressed that the municipal people’s government of Jingmen will keep supporting the development of EVE Energy and Hubei Jinquan and urging relevant government departments to enhance their service levels in order to create a better circumstance for project construction.?

Lastly, under the witness of 200 guests and colleagues, Li Tao, Deputy Mayor of Jingmen, Zhou Junjie, Chief of Duodao District, Luo Shaohua, Deputy Secretary General, Dr. Liu Jincheng, Liu Jianhua, Vice President of EVE Energy, Liang Rongbin, Vice General Manager of Hubei Jinquan and Song Zhixin, General Manager of Cylindrical Battery Department pressed the button to launch operation of Zone II and construction of Zone III. The “lithium battery” representing green life was fully charged. The ceremony for start of operation of Zone II and launch of construction of Zone III closed successfully. EVE Energy marches a large step toward the fine dream of “blue sky and white cloud”!

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