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EVE Xingsheng Energy helps companies achieve the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality"

Mar 24,2021

On March 24th, the grid-connection ceremony of the 20MWh large-scale user-side energy storage power station?project?between?EVE?Xingsheng Energy Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Suyan?Jingshen Co., Ltd. was?successfully held. This project is invested, constructed and operated by EVE?Xingsheng Energy Co., Ltd.?and?received strong support from State Grid Jiangsu Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd. and Huai'an Power Supply?Company.

In the context of?current?high demand for?clean energy, the grid connection of this project is conducive to promoting the local clean energy production and nearby consumption, and has a very important social effect and demonstration significance for the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system, helping companies to achieve the goal of "carbon peak?and?carbon neutrality".


The scale of this?project is 5MW/20MWh and the grid-connected voltage is 6kV. It?can be connected to the local power dispatching department through dispatching automation equipment and can participate in power peak shaving and demand-side response.


The project adopts a variety of advanced safety and management technologies, aiming to provide customers with highly safe and reliable large-scale user-side energy storage and grid-connected solutions. The project adopts EVE Power's cost-effective LFP?battery, which has the characteristics of high safety, good consistency and long cycle life. The grid connection of the energy storage power station can help?regulate?the electricity load?by shaving the peak and filling the valley, and meanwhile?optimizing the use of energy in Suyan?Jingshen Industrial Park, effectively reducing?the electricity cost.


EVE Xingsheng Energy, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of?EVE, focuses on smart energy storage operations with operating projects covering major electricity-consuming provinces across the country.?Relying on the global lithium battery platform of its parent company?EVE, it aims to build high-standard projects?to meet customers' energy-saving needs?with excellent quality, and strive to develop into a leading company?in smart energy storage operations.

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