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Congratulation! EVE won the honor of“National Green Factory”

Jan 17,2019

Recently, in the list of the third batch of green factories published by the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, EVE was listed as a national green factory, becoming one of the only six companies in Huizhou to receive this honor.


What is green factory? Green factory is the production unit of manufacturing industry and the main body of green manufacturing. It belongs to the core supporting unit of the green manufacturing system and focuses on the greening of production process. A green factory is a factory that realizes land intensification, production cleanliness, waste recycling, and low-carbon energy. Green manufacturing is the main way to solve national resource and environmental problems; is an important task to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading; and is also an inevitable choice for enterprises to take the initiative to undertake social responsibility.


Evaluation Index Framework of Green Factory

EVE is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the innovation and development of lithium battery. After more than 10 years of hard work, the company’s lithium battery ranks among the top in the world and has become a core enterprise of green high-energy lithium batteries. EVE has a good foundation in green manufacturing, from production line automation to products. It attaches great importance to green, environmental protection requirements, and always adheres to high starting point and high standards. In recent years, EVE has invested a number of funds to transform backward technologies. In Year 2017 alone, the investment in energy-saving technological transformation projects reached more than 20 million yuan, and the cost savings was about 2.75 million yuan. The total energy consumption saved was 150 tons of standard coal.It carried out 10 production process transformation including automatic sheet making machine, automatic winding machine and automatic injection machine, eliminating backward production processes, saving energy and reducing consumption, and improving production efficiency.




It is with the blessing of green manufacturing and high standards of environmental protection that the research and innovation of EVE bring forth fruitful results. Up to now, the company has 1083 national patents, has won 3 "China Patent Excellence Award", 2 "Guangdong Province Science and Technology Award first prize", "China Federation of Light Industries Science and Technology invention first prize" and other important honors. In the future, EVE will continue to stick to green manufacturing concept with practical actions, and polish the golden signboard of "National Green Factory" with high level of environmental protection standards, and use high-reliability lithium batteries to promote green water and green mountains!

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