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Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets --The first Hubei New Energy Automotive Industry Development Exchange Conference was held

May 28,2019

On May 28th, the “First Hubei New Energy Automobile Industry Development Exchange Conference” hosted by Department of ?Economy and Information Technology of Hubei Province and HubeiJinquan Energy Co., Ltd. was held in Jingmen City, Hubei Province. More than 150 people including leaders of Hubei economic and informationsystem, main leaders of Jingmen City, representatives of regional major car companies, representatives of regional bus companies, Jinquan Energy and EVE Executive Team gathered todiscuss the development of new energy vehicles in Hubei Province.




At 8:30 in the morning, Liu Jianhua, SVP of EVE, announced the official start of the exchange conference.


Liu Jianhua, EVE’s SVP, as the host

First of all, Dr. Liu Jincheng, chairman and president of EVE, delivered a speech. He expressed warm welcome to the leaders, partners and guests of the conference, and made a key introduction from the company profile, R&D strength and capacity plan. He said that EVE focus on the development of high-end lithium batteries, and always adhere to the "innovation-driven development" business philosophy. In recent years, it has made very good progress in the field of new energy batteries; the holding subsidiary Jinquan Energy, rooted in Jingmen, has not forgotten its initial heart and is committed to providing high-quality products, personal and caring services to regional new energy vehicle companies to jointly promote the healthy and rapid development of the new energy automobile industry in Hubei Province.


Dr. Liu Jincheng, chairman and president of EVE, delivered a speech.

Then, Hu Xiaoguo, vice mayor of the Jingmengovernment delivered a warm speech. He said: this exchange meeting will be a multi-party win-win meeting. In the case of local new energy battery Jinquan Energy, it will have far-reaching impact on brand promotion and market share improvement. As for the new energy vehicle companies, cooperation with new energy battery manufacturers within Hubei province can reduce logistics costs, communication costs and therefore enhance market competitiveness. This meeting is of great significance for stimulating the economic development of local new energy vehicles and leading the transformation and upgrading of automobiles in the province.


Hu Xiaoguo, vice mayor of Jingmengov.

In the end, Tao Hongbing, the first-level inspector of the Provincial Economic and Trade Office, delivered an important speech. He first talked about the purpose of organizing this meeting, which is to hope that the automobile enterprises and new energy battery companies in the province can have better development and make great progress. It is hoped that both sides will further expand the areas of cooperation and development, enhance the level of cooperation and development so to achieve a good situation of mutual complementarity and mutual benefit. He also stressed that accelerating the development of the new energy automobile industry is a major strategic move for Hubei Province to thoroughly implement the scientific development concept and accelerate the transformation of the economic development mode. It is hoped that the participating enterprises should fully understand the great significance of accelerating the development of the new energy automobile industry from the overall and strategic heights, and earnestly promote new breakthroughs in the development of the new energy automobile industry in Hubei Province.


Tao Hongbing gave a speech

In the subsequent keynote session, Professor Yuan Zhongzhi, CTO of EVE, Professor Ai Xinping from Wuhan University, and General Manager Yu Chong from NJJL, respectively shared their ideas on the program and application of new energy construction in central China, technical progress and route of power battery, practical application of the power battery system.They had an in-depth interaction and exchanges with the car enterprise representatives and bus company representatives afterwards, which had reached a certain guiding significance on the development of the regional new energy automobile industryboth from the theoretical basis and practical experience.


Prof. Yuan Zhongzhi, CTO of EVE


Prof. Ai Xinping from Wuhan University


Jiang Min, VP of Skywell

Apart from the meeting, on-site visits of the exhibition hall, booth and automatic production lines were also arranged,making participants gain a more comprehensive recognition of Jinquan Energy and its parent company EVE, a more specific understanding of the automation and information production of power batteries, which will further enhance the cooperation confidence of regional new energy vehicle companies and battery companies.


Dr. Liu Jincheng accepted an interview by Hubei Satellite TV



Under the correct guidance of the Hubei Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, with the strong support of the Jingmengovernment and the active cooperation of regional new energy vehicles and bus companies, the first Hubei New Energy Automoive Industry Development Exchange Conference was a complete success. The exchange meeting will implement the important theory of President Xi’s “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” with practical actions, which will have a positive and far-reaching impact on the development of China’s new energy industry.

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