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EVE’s ship power battery system enters the international aquaculture market

Aug 07,2019

On August 7th, the signing ceremony between EVE and Norway Fjord Maritime AS on the aquaculture ship hybrid power solution project was held in EVE Huizhou Zhongkai Headquarter. Dr. Liu Jincheng, chairman and president of EVE, Prof. Yuan Zhongzhi, VP and CTO of EVE, Zhao Qianjin, GM of Ship Power Division from EVE, Fjord Maritime AS’s CEO-VidarRabben,CTO-StigKalvenes and Shanghai Nor-Marine’s General Manager Zhou Minhua attended the ceremony to witness this important milestone.



Early in 2016, EVE's ship power battery was awarded CCS certification. At present, the total installed capacity has exceeded 50MWh, and the number of installed ships has exceeded 200. EVE's ship power battery system technology has been widely recognized by the world's shipbuilding industry. Application cases include: cruising boats in major scenic spots, ferries along rivers and seas, sightseeing ships, inland river cargo ships, port tugs, and river-sea coordinated bulk carriers.




Fjord Maritime AS is one of the world's leading solution integrators of automated fishery vessel, offering a cost-effective new energy hybrid power system solution that reduces 90% CO2 emissions, extends service life by 60%, saves 60% in cost and reduces energy consumption by 60%.

EVE can solve the problems of safety management, remote monitoring and background data management of large-scale application of lithium battery system in electric ships, and provide users with various safe and reliable green energy solutions. The lithium battery system applied to the automated fishery farming industry will achieve low carbon emissions from fish farming, with significant environmental benefits and obvious economic benefits. Its integrated remote digital control system makes fishermen more convenient.


Considering environmental protection and other reasons, the new energyization of ships is a trend in China and also the world. Huizhou EVE Energy Co., Ltd. and Fjord Maritime AS will use lithium battery systems on aquaculture vessels to jointly promote environmental protection and energy conservation. Both two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and adhere to the principles of equality, mutual benefit and win-win, and work closely together on the development and sales of new energy ship lithium battery systems to jointly promote the development of the electric ship industry in Norway and the world.


The number of ships concludes in this project is 100 and will be delivered in 3 years. Once completed, these ships can realize intelligent and unmanned work in the future. According to Fjord Maritime AS forecast data, in the next five years in Norway, Canada, the United Kingdom, etc.,the demand for marine lithium battery systems will exceed 1,000 sets, and there is huge room for cooperation between the two sides.


On June 28th, the 5,000-tons new energy bulk carriers (Diamond 5K series) project was successfully launched at EVE Huizhou headquarter. Only after more than a month, EVE has made another major breakthrough in the field of electric ships. The successful launch of the Norway Fjord Maritime AS 100 aquaculture ship hybrid power project marks the further expansion of EVE's application of ship power batteries and the recognition of European customers, further consolidating EVE’s important position in the electric ship market!

In the future, EVE will continue to promote the technological innovation of ship power lithium batteries and power systems, actively promote the green electrification process of various types of ships around the world, and strive to contribute to the global green development!


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