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5G Era has Arrived— When “EVE” Meets “Huawei Cloud”

Aug 19,2019

On August 15th, the 2019?Huawei Cloud City Summit?was held in Guangzhou. The summit was hosted by the Guangdong Industrial?and Information Technology Office, Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Baiyun District People's Government. Leaders of the Guangdong Provincial Government, Huawei senior executives and representatives of various companies?gathered?together?in this summit?to advice?for Guangzhou's high-quality urban development and industrial digital transformation.?Chen Xiang, deputy general manager of EVE?Marketing Center, was invited to attend and gave a wonderful speech entitled “Industrial Internet, Leading Enterprise Intelligent?Change”, sharing the practical experience of intelligent manufacturing to help the high-quality development of lithium battery enterprises.


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Industrial Internet Helps Enterprises Develop with High Quality

In his speech, Mr. Chen said that EVE engages in?the development of high-end lithium batteries?and its products widely apply?in the area of?IoT and the energy Internet. The informationization and intelligentization of EVE’s lithium battery manufacturing?are at the forefront of the industry.?Through the construction of industrial big data collection platform, intelligent logistics platform and MES manufacturing system, EVE has created an overall?lithium battery intelligent manufacturing system.?And through the cooperation with Huawei Cloud, digital management enhances the timeliness of management, and uses big data and AI to solve the pain points of traditional technology.

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Mr. Chen also shared the actual application scenario “Improving the bottom welding process” and demonstrated the intelligent improvement of production management from “not directly measurable” to “predictable and controllable”. He?also summarizes the important value of the industrial Internet for high-quality manufacturing: digital transformation ideas, improved management timeliness, and cost reduction and efficiency.

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Lithium battery, drives 5G intelligent life

The 5G era has arrived, and new technologies such as cloud and AI will be widely used in various industries. In Huawei's xLab "White Papers on Top Ten Application Scenarios in the 5G Era", ten typical applications such as cloud VR, IoV, and smart city are depicted. In the era of digital and intelligent Internet of things, many aspects related to life are inseparable from the driving of lithium batteries.?

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Taking the three typical application scenarios of IoV, smart city and smart home as examples, Mr. Chen vividly demonstrated the full range of lithium battery products and one-stop integrated energy solutions built by EVE?based on the Internet of Things and Energy Internet, gaining resonance and applause from leaders, experts, and business representatives?on site.

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??In the future,?EVE?will adhere to the vision of “to provide world-class lithium battery; to be?the leading company in the industry”, continue to promote technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing, and drive 5G intelligent life with high-reliability lithium battery!

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