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Magnificent 70 years! Central Media Group Walks into EVE to Witness its High-quality Development Results!

Sep 20,2019

Guangdong is a window that China opens to the world. As a national high-tech enterprise, EVE has demonstrated the spirit of the era of courage and innovation, striving to compose the "EVE speed, EVE innovation, and EVE strength" of China's lithium battery industry in the new era.

On September 19th, under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, hosted by Guangdong Provincial Party Committee's Network Information Office?and?Xinhuanet?Guangdong Channel, “Magnificent 70 Years ? Better Guangdong”-a web-based interview to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of China was carried out at?EVE?headquarter. Central media such as Xinhuanet, China Net, and CNR(China National Radio), and key media in the province such as Nanfang Daily and Guangdong Radio and Television Station, witnessed the "EVE?Achievements" under high-quality development.


After arriving?at?EVE, the media representatives?with more than 50 people?first visited the company's exhibition hall. Lin Jinyun, director of the marketing department in EVE, introduced the company profile, lithium battery products, scene applications, innovation capabilities?and?industry status to the media representatives. Among them, the rechargeable "Bean?Cell", OBU?composite power of ETC that contribute to the improvement of national transportation, and power batteries that promote the green electrification of various types of ships around the world, have won great attention and interest from media representatives.




Subsequently, under the lead of Liu Hui, the director of EVE Quality Center, the media delegation?visited the test center?to learn?about various rigorous tests of lithium batteries and high-precision equipment, thus understanding?EVE's high standards and high-quality requirements for products.




During the media communication session, Sun Bin, vice president, shared that EVE achieved high-quality development goals through technological innovation, marketing innovation, and management innovation. Zhao Qianjin, General Manager of EVE Ship?Power Business Unit, introduced to the media the global market trend of electrification of ships, as well as EVE’s?ship?power battery applications in?painted pleasure?boats?in major scenic spots, ferries along the river and sea, sightseeing ships and inland river cargo ships, port tugs, and river-sea intermodal?bulk carrier.




IoT Integrated Power Solution Provider


EVE focuses on the development of lithium batteries and is a global supplier of IoT?integrated power solutions with advanced technology. Moving forward along?with the motherland, EVE strives to overcome the key core technologies of lithium batteries and solve the problems in?innovation and development. The lithium battery business has achieved a major breakthrough and achieved landmark results with "EVE characteristics", adding "EVE power" to the development of China.

Lithium battery powers things interconnected! EVE’s?lithium battery products have been widely used in smart metering, intelligent?transportation, smart security, smart cities, smart municipalities, smart agriculture and animal husbandry, new retail, shared economy, energy storage, new energy vehicles and other market areas. Among them, in the field of smart metering, EVE helps upgrade the national smart grid that most of smart meters are provided with lithium batteries by EVE! In the field of intelligent transportation, EVE’s?OBU lithium battery composite power contributes to the improvement of national transportation. In the field of smart cities, rechargeable "Bean Cell" drives?5G smart life. The bean cells?are ergonomic, small in size, good in tightness and high in energy density. They are particularly suitable for micro-small electronic devices and can provide more possibilities for the development for 5G smart wearable.


Power battery, gaining momentum!?


EVE’s?power?battery system is mainly used in the fields of electric ships, new energy vehicles, energy storage?and electric garden tools, already gained trust and choices from customers. In the field of electric ships, as early as 2016, EVE's ship?power batteries received CCS certification from China Classification Society. At present, the total installed capacity has exceeded 50MWh, with more than 200 ships installed, helping to promote the green electrification of all types of ships around the world and strive to contribute to the global green development of China! In the field of new energy vehicles, as a power battery supplier, EVE has reached cooperation with well-known car companies and entered the supply chain of automotive companies such as Daimler,?to promote green and low-carbon development?and the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry. EVE?will always adhere to technological innovation and high-quality development, and make due contributions to protect the green mountains and clear water.


Speed up and lead the future


The mission calls for responsibility, and the mission leads the future. EVE will, as always, adhere to the vision of "to provide world-class lithium battery; to?be a leading company in the battery industry", and strive to compose the "EVE?Chapter" in the new era.?

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