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Good news again! Yixing Energy's first batch of distributed energy storage commercial operation project successfully put into operation in Hubei!

Sep 30,2019

On September 26th, 2019, Xiangyang NTN-Yulong’s 4MWh distributed energy storage operation project was formally accepted, marking the official start of the contract energy management cooperation between Yixing?Energy and Xiangyang NTN-Yulong.?The project is operated and managed by Wuhan Yixing Energy Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of?EVE. The cooperation period of the project is 10 years. It can save 2.14 million kWh of electricity for the industrial park every year. It is estimated that the total coal equivalent can be saved about 7,700 tons during the operation period, achieving good social and environmental benefits. The project has become a distributed energy storage demonstration power station in Xiangyang City and even Hubei Province, which will promote the demonstration and application of large-scale energy storage.?


The project scale is 1MW/4MWh, and adopted 380V low-voltage grid connection. It consists of two sets of 40-ft standard container energy storage systems, each with a capacity of 500kW/2MWh. The system adopts the safe and stable LF90 cell (LFP cell) of EVE. The project started construction in August 2019. After strict and careful construction management of the internal engineering delivery team, the project was successfully put into operation as planned.


Wuhan Yixing Energy is positioned as a national leader in smart energy storage operations. Relying on the mother company's high-quality LFP cells?and battery systems, it vigorously explores the commercial value of energy storage and strengthens the mother company's brand position in the field of batteries and energy storage.

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