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CCTV Finance reporter visits EVE again to investigate the development of power battery industry!

Oct 23,2019

Today, reporters from CCTV Finance Channel came to?EVE again to investigate the development of the new energy vehicle power battery industry following an interview on October 18th?on the 10th?anniversary of the GEM listing. Vice president of EVE,?Li Mufen, Vice president Wang Shifeng, and project director, Dr. Deng Haokun attended the interview?and?conducted in-depth communication with CCTV financial reporters on hot topics such as new energy vehicle subsidy policies, market trends and competition patterns, production capacity layout, technological innovation, etc.

Respond to market changes with technology and product strength

Vice President Li Mufen introduced to CCTV reporters that facing market opportunities as well as?challenges, EVE has always built the core competitiveness of the market with technological innovation, and responded to market changes with a high-quality development strategy. Only by strengthening our own technology and product strength can we truly win the market.


A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China estimated that more than 100 million fuel vehicles will be scrapped in advance during the next two years of remediation, leaving a huge market space for new energy vehicles and driving rapid development of new energy vehicles.?In addition, the new energy vehicle subsidy policy for 2019 has been officially implemented from June 25. In this regard, President Li said that the subsidy decline will accelerate the process of the new energy automobile industry's transition from policy-oriented to market-oriented. Under the real market competition pattern, enterprises need to win the market with product competitiveness.

Since entering the power storage market in 2015, facing the growing demand for power batteries, EVE has adopted a highly automated and informative?production method, and has now formed a 14GWh power battery capacity scale. In the face of new opportunities and challenges in the new energy vehicle market, EVE will focus on technology and quality to comprehensively improve customer satisfaction, improve consumer experience, and resolve power battery core technological?issues such as range and safety performance.

Increased production capacity to promote smart manufacturing upgrades


Vice President Wang Shifeng told CCTV reporters that EVE is stepping up the construction of a new intelligent manufacturing power battery factory, which is expected to be completed and put into production by the end of 2020. The increase in production capacity scale is the company's high-quality development strategic deployment, which will further increase EVE's market influence in the power battery industry and increase market share.



Adhere to technological innovation and solve industry pain points

Adhering to technological innovation, creating high-quality lithium battery products are the key to victory in breaking the competition! Dr. Deng Haokun, director of the pouch?power battery project, said that EVE’s?current?R&D?team is working hard to promote the mass production of high energy density power batteries, which can meet the requirements of new energy passenger cars for more than 500km, and reduce costs by 10%-15% It has higher safety performance and is expected to be available in the first half of next year. At the same time, the R&D team is laying out a new generation of power batteries that can last for more than 600km. It has completed its technical reserve and entered the small batch test stage?and?is expected to be launched in the market in 2022.


In the consumption upgrades wave of new energy vehicle, EVE will continue to adhere to technological innovation?to solve?the pain points of the safety and stability, battery life, and cost of new energy vehicle power batteries, and jointly promoting new energy vehicle industry upgrade.

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