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Be a guardian of future young people and light up their dreams!

Nov 08,2019

On November 8th, teacher representatives and more than 80 high school students from Dongjiang Guangya School came to?EVE to carry out the Career Planning Research Activities?with the theme of "Co-education between Schools and Enterprises". Professor Yuan Zhongzhi, VP and CTO of EVE, conducted an in-depth exchange and sharing with the students.

As a national high-tech enterprise, EVE fully supports the practice of cultivating young people's career planning.


For the freshman of high school, the horn?of college entrance examination reform has sounded. Facing the challenges of the new college entrance examination, high school students need to think about how to choose subjects, how to plan their high school education, and how to get into?their?ideal university.

During this research activity, teachers and students visited EVE’s exhibition hall, learning?that EVE's lithium battery is closely related to life?from smart meters at home, ETC in the car, smart watches on hand, "monster battery" in the remote control to the pure electric sightseeing boat in the scenic area, etc., which?aroused strong interest from the students.?





Afterwards, through the introduction of Manager Lin from EVE’s?HR?Department, students gained a more comprehensive understanding of the current status of the lithium battery industry, EVE’s?corporate culture, and talent development strategies. At the same time, Lin also conducted in-depth exchanges with?the?students?on issues such as job requirements, job skills and so on.





Later, Professor Yuan shared with the students that lithium battery is everywhere.?Not only is it used in the daily-used?smart meters and ETC, but also widely used in the future energy Internet and IoT?such as EV, electric ships and smart wearable.?And the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution is the ET(Energy and Environment?Technology) revolution where lithium-ion batteries, AI and IoT are integrated, allowing students to have a deeper understanding of the future development trend of the lithium battery industry. In addition, Professor Yuan vividly shared the?USB-charged rechargeable AA lithium-ion battery—“Monster Battery”, adding that interest is the best teacher. Students at the moment need to?widely accumulate knowledge and reserve knowledge and skills. After getting?the job?after graduation, develop products that can meet the needs of users with the vision of discovery, innovative thinking, and the spirit of concentration. Professor Yuan's words have profound inspiration for students' career planning.




After the exchange meeting, the teacher representative of Dongjiang Guangya School awarded the plaque of "Career Planning Research and Practice Base" to EVE. This career planning research activity had allowed?students to understand their interests, understand themselves from different perspectives?and?understand the society.



EVE has been actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, hoping to do its utmost to serve the society, the public and the young people. In future, EVE will work with a large number of colleges and universities to fully support the practice of cultivating young people's career planning, be a "guardian of the future young people", and light up their dreams.

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